At Downey, Smith & Fier, we are not just tax experts; we are your strategic partners in unlocking fiscal opportunities, especially in the education sector. Our recent collaboration with a large school district stands as a testament to our proficiency, where we successfully claimed tax exemptions, leading to the recovery of millions of dollars.

Understanding the Tax Landscape:

In a world where tax laws are constantly evolving, our expertise in sales and use tax is more relevant than ever. These changes can create significant opportunities to not only reduce your overall tax burden but also to reclaim cash refunds. Without the right knowledge and action, taxes paid to your vendors could inadvertently end up in state coffers, resulting in the forfeiture of both your refunds and potential future tax savings.

Identifying Opportunities Amidst Challenges:

The advent of COVID-19 has reshaped the educational landscape, posing unprecedented challenges for both public and private school districts. This shift in educational delivery, from traditional methods to a mix of online and remote learning, has necessitated a reevaluation of tax implications. As vendors – both old and new – navigate these changes, many continue to apply taxes based on obsolete processes. This disconnect has created unique tax recovery opportunities that we are poised to capitalize on for our clients.

Our Approach to Maximizing Your Benefits:

Downey, Smith & Fier stands out with over a decade of experience in assisting school districts navigate the maze of state tax programs. Our track record includes not only identifying missed tax credits but also ensuring that our clients benefit from them to the fullest. We delve into the intricacies of each case, ensuring that every possible opportunity for tax recovery and savings is explored and utilized.

Our comprehensive service package includes:

  1. In-Depth Analysis: We conduct a thorough review of your transactions to identify any overpaid taxes.
  2. Eligibility Documentation : Our team meticulously documents all necessary proof to validate your eligibility for tax credits and refunds.
  3. Expert Navigation of Tax Laws: We stay abreast of the latest tax law changes, ensuring that your claims are solid and compliant.
  4. End-to-End Claim Processing: We handle the entire refund claim process with the CA Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.
  5. Ongoing Support and Consultation: Beyond the initial claim, we offer continuous advice and support to maximize your future tax efficiency.

Seamless Collaboration with Your CPA:

Already have a CPA? At Downey, Smith & Fier, we’re not here to take over but to become an invaluable extension of your team. Think of us as an extra team member, partnering seamlessly with your CPA to achieve the best outcomes for you. We collaborate closely, leveraging our expertise to enhance your financial strategies and ensure comprehensive tax optimization.

Partner with Downey, Smith & Fier:

Embrace the opportunity to transform how your school district manages taxes. With Downey, Smith & Fier, you’re not just recovering funds; you’re investing in a future of greater fiscal efficiency and strategic financial planning. Contact us to explore how we can turn your tax challenges into opportunities.