Unlock Your Potential for Tax Refunds with Our Sales and Use Tax Reverse Audit Service

Traditional audits conducted by tax authorities focus on identifying tax underpayments, leaving potential overpayments unaddressed. However, our proactive approach to tax recovery through reverse audits ensures that your company maximizes its potential for refunds within the constraints of current rules and regulations.

About Us

At Downey, Smith & Fier, we have over two decades of experience assisting companies across diverse industries in obtaining refunds from both vendors and state tax authorities. Our mission is simple, to add value through tax service and build long-term relationships. We work diligently so that your company receives the highest possible refund by uncovering instances of inadvertent overpayments.

Key Problems Addressed

Tax recovery services are essential due to the complex and evolving nature of tax policies, interpretations, and regulations across states. These complexities often lead to inadvertent overpayments, resulting in significant financial losses for businesses. Common reasons for overpayments include:

Our Solution

By entrusting us to conduct a thorough examination of your data, you open the door to reclaiming substantial sums of money that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our team at Downey, Smith & Fier dedicates the necessary time to uncover overpayments, even in cases where discrepancies may be overlooked by others.

We leverage decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to analyze complex datasets and identify hidden irregularities. Our proactive approach includes collaborating with your staff and vendors to establish and implement correct taxation processes, ensuring compliance and preventing future overpayments.

Our Process Includes:

Audit Benefits

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